Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Long-Overdue Update from Kya ('bout time)

Hello to all my fans, if I even have any.  

Mom's only let me write one time since my birth, and I'm getting close to two years old!  You'd think I was the fourth or fifth child or something.  So here's to hoping I can still gain a following, since I think that's the thing to do these days.

I'm a whopping 21 months.  I'm only in the ninth percentile for my height (I blame the Malloy side), but hey, isn't it said that the littlest shall be the greatest or something like that?  If so, I'm ok with staying little.  Then again, my body-mass index is not super does that make me too fat?  Honestly, a big belly didn't hurt anybody, even if I get stuck in smalls spaces or topple over a lot.  In the end, it gives everyone a laugh and I have some weight to hold my own against sister in wrestling matches.  And it's the only time I'll get away with it in a swimsuit and get some double takes...but because I'm cute of course...

Once I turned one, I stopped being the angel baby that was quiet and easy.  I turned it up a notch so mom thinks I'm high maintenance now.  But hey, I just gotta do me, ya know?  I'm often quite loud, belting pretty songs out the windows as the neighbors walk by, or shouting at sister when I don't like something (I'm working on that..) and copying sister when she's being loud and crazy, which as we all know is frequent.  However mom does find me here and there, quietly singing with a delicate balance that surprises her.  

I'm quite opinionated, but at least we're at the point where I say "No tank too" when I don't like something.  Dad and mom are working with me to foster more flexibility, so if I can't sucker them into my finickiness, I subtly turn to sister and say "Help peas" and badger her.  She's easily persuaded though, which works nicely in my favor.  As a result, I have my moment were I act pampered and make a run to be queen of the castle.  Since I'm so little, I get the impression it's pretty cute at times.  

I call coloring "happy", because the first time mom let me color, she was teaching Zoe how to spell "happy".  So now I walk up to mom with a crayon and paper and say "happy"!  Mom and dad have stuck with that and say "do you want to do happies?" (I'm starting to wonder what other words they're making up... has anyone heard of the word "bizzah"???) .

Somehow the same thing has happened to whenever mom does my's been turned into mom doing "Pretties".  I walk up to her with a hair tie and say "pretties"!  Gosh I'm such a diva!

Sister and I grow better buds everyday. 

For some reason, Zoe always told me she was her "sistee", so I call her that.  When we see people around, I point to her and then say "sistee", (don't tell Zoe, but I really do think she's the coolest thing since sliced bread).

When sister is going potty, she invites me in and we hang out together.  I sit on the stool (no pun intended) facing her and we chat and giggle.  We also find a lot of nooks and crannies to hide and bring all our blankets and play.  Sister is super compliant and flexible, otherwise who knows if it would be possible to last peaceably as long as it does.  But like I said, we're working on it.  Mom made a drawer of our bowls and plates, so we run and grab matching bowls (if mom's actually done some dishes) and pick a fun spot to giggle and eat snack together. 

Some mornings, if mom and dad can and want to try sleeping in, they try to get me to watch a show on the Ipad with Zoe.  Here and there I can last up to 30 mins, which gives them the false perception they may be close to escaping baby prison days.  Silly them.  I'm not even two!

We love to hold hands and walk you can see...

 otherwise I'm always just behind her, taking in all the awesome things I learn from her.

Mom and dad discovered that sister taught me to count to 10 and a large chunk of my ABCs.  After all, Zoe does say she wants to be a teacher of one year olds when she grows up.  I have random spurts of intelligence that surprise them (why should that be a surprise?), like having a knack for puzzles, or even though I'm not a climber in the sense of strength, I use my brains to build makeshift stairs.  Mom thinks I'm smart for wanting to wear this hat...some others in the house think otherwise.

Sure enough, as dad and mom try to attune and connect with me, anytime I notice something, I make sure they see it and get excited too (dad would claim this is more from mom...she seriously doesn't know how to keep anything exciting to herself).  Then again, it doesn't have to be anything's just the strawberry on my plate or the piece of fuzz I picked up of the floor, or the booger I just picked out of my nose...but it is often awesome stuff like airplanes and doggies and I shout so loud you'd think we landed on the moon.

One bonus that has continued since I've turned one is I'm still a huge snuggle bug.  I request getting rocked and sung to before going to sleep.  And when I mean snuggle, I mean full blown sinking in closely, rubbing mom or dad's arms as they sing, popping my head up to request a song change here and there.  Mom's been loving it, especially because she has a sweet view of the sunset in our new home as she rocks me.  But mostly because she loves a snuggly baby.  And mostly because that baby is me.  Naturally.

Along these lines, I do make it easy on her when we go places...I don't run from her but hang around her and take everything very slow and cautiously.  Which is kinda nice for her lazy bum, but also can get a little claustrophobic it may seem (not sure I get how I could be that annoying...I even have extra chub.  Shouldn't that get me some points?).

I love love love sitting and reading books on my own, but especially sitting next to sis. 

Now that we're close to the beach, I am so pumped about throwing rocks in the water.  Whether it's for 10 minutes or an hour, I would do it the whole time.  I turn and say "come" and gesture with my chubby hand held out underneath my chin, making the come sign with my fingers, when no one is joining me (are they crazy?).

I love my grandparents and cousins and miss them so.  I squeal in joy when I see videos on mom's phone of them (what would she do with out that phone when she needs to distract me at dr. appointments or grocery shopping!?!).

 Here's some of my favorites...

Fun visits to see my great grandmas of course!

Hanging out and smiling up at Grandpa Ken...

Hugs with Grandpa Pat...

Hugs with Grandma Debbie...

Ice Cream with Ohio Grandparents...

And cousin Baby Olivia...I squeeze her till there's nothin' left to squeeze, if that's possible with the size of the both of us..

And Judah, who I am obsessed a normal way of course.

Welp, I hope that gives you a little glimpse into the fact that I DO exist, and that I'm chuggin' along, enjoying the ride-and I mean that somewhat literally since Zoe is often giving me rides in the laundry basket, and putting me wherever I want whenever I ask.  If you want to really see what it's like on all ends, just head out for a won't regret it.  Well, at least Zoe and I don't think you would.  Mom would say you'd be leaving pulling your hair out, begging for solitude, and yet oddly enough, thankful since we're so darn cute.  

And with that, Happy spring...I'm off to do something sneaky with sis...

Monday, December 28, 2015

On being four and so much more...

To all my lovely people...I hope you all are well!  It's been half a year since I've filled you do I even begin?

To start off, I'm officially four!  I had been asking mom about my birthday and birthday cakes since August.  Mom didn't let me officially start making the list until mid November.  She's such a fun-natzi.  Within two days, my cake option list consisted of a rocket, zebra, cat, a toilet with poop in it (thanks to a Pinterest cake picture I saw), balloons, a horse on a rocket, our family, a bear, and lastly, me and mom on a zebra and dad and Kya on a horse.  This last option was my final choice until the day before when I randomly switched to a rainbow cake.  Little does mom know, I realized she wasn't going to pull off the other cake.  Rather than embarrass her cake making attempts, I became the bigger person.  Nothing new. 

Speaking of new, I've developed some amazing new friends.  They're imaginary but who said that can't be fun.  Mom tells people about them because she thinks it's cute, but she clearly doesn't understand what she's missing out on.  Then again she is a little crazy and does talk to herself a lot...maybe she has some of her own after all!  Anyway, their names are Caba, Lizzie and Sally.  Lizzie is actually an imaginary sister.  And then sometimes I allow my husband Jeff along for the ride.  I can spend up to half an hour with these friends, directing them on where to walk and asking them to be quiet if Kya's sleeping.  My new favorite is playing duck duck goose with them.  I'm thankful for the new movie "Inside Out" which portrays imagination in a way that makes people realize how real these things are (the lava scene is what I'm alluding to). 

Oh I almost forgot, before I move on from my birthday I need to tell you about my gifts.  I had some of my friends send me awesome stickers, ice cream gift cards, a pack of gum.  I just felt so loved.  Mom and dad got me a puppy surprise. It's a cute dog with babies inside.  I named her Brassa and her three babies are Fara, sleeping beauty and Sally.  Sleeping beauty is blind and is a boy. When I told mom he was blind, she acted all sad and I said, "but mom, he can still run and eat and sing and play".  I have a way of spinning everything in a positive light. 
Then my favorite present was an Elsa doll (from a movie I've never seen but I've heard it's amazing).  My grandparents sent a gift card so I could pick it out!  Mom thought she was being sly by trying to steer me away from the singing Elsa, partially because you could get more stuff with the doll that didn't sing and partially because she thought the singing would drive her batty.  First of all, she forgot it's about quality not quantity.  Didn't they teach adults this stuff in school? And second of all, I figure, she's already batty, so nothing to lose right?  I bring these two gifts with me all around the house and talk to them just as much as my other friends now. I set up Elsa by the bath so she doesn't feel left out since mom won't let me take her in the tub with me. 
The day of my actual birthday was so special.  I got to have a bowl of what mom calls dad's "sugar" cereal.  Sure beats eating Rice Krispies cereal since that's pretty much like eating air.  
Later on that day I got to open my doggie present and go to my favorite restaurant and have ice cream as a family.  It sure was fun.

My creative juices continue to flow in addition to my imaginary friends.  I'm often finding new ways to make baby carriers to carry my animals or become an animal somehow.  Here's some fun examples. 

Reading is so much fun.  I read on my own or with dad and mom or even read to Kya.  I can read a lot of words now and constantly ask mom what word is what while she reads.

All of a sudden I knew how to write the whole alphabet.  Mom taught me a, b, and c and my name, but she failed on the rest.  She was probably too busy making "healthy muffins" or something.  Good thing I picked up the slack and just figured out how to do it.  At least I have to learn to problem solve to her lacking.  Therefore a large chunk of the day I ask mom how to spell stuff and I write notes to all kinds of people.  I'll randomly surprise mom and just remember how to spell words like happy, and, Kya, holiday, and so on.  I write her notes in her journal too and often have a sealed letter awaiting dad's arrival home.  Thanks to my friend Kaitie, I know how to make snowflakes and do it all by myself-the folding, coloring, tracing, cutting, and tape it all over the house.  I've even started to draw stories.  Here's one about princesses and magic wands that I told to mom.

I still have my faithful buddies.  Willow is my main woman of course, as well as many other cousins.

Here's a pic of some buddies that came to visit who are kids of my parent's buddies.  Funny how that works...we're forced to be buddies which is all good, I'll take all the friends I can get.

And now Kya is my buddy.  We play on our own pretty well and Kya is old enough to listen to me most of the time.  Sometimes I feel like I may be getting the raw end of the stick though, as I will do everything that she asks me to and then some.  Like find her paci, blanket, lift her on the couch, share my food with her, tickle her back...basically whatever she wants.

A couple of weeks ago we got to visit my grandparents in Ohio.  Of course I started throwing up an hour before we drove to the airport and threw up multiple times on each plane and in the airport, but I was a champ.  Dad and mom were super proud of me and relieved mom packed extra plastic bags since the one time you need those airplane puke bags, of course they aren't in the seat-back pockets.  It was so much fun to get to be with my grandparents though.  I love and miss them.

Mom paints my nails a lot. Recently I even got to do one of her Jamberry accent nails. However, it seems convenient that she got the pink flowery part of the sticker and mine seems more like the scrap part.  But surely she wouldn't be that heartless. 

Mom got two Starbucks giftcards recently which has worked in my favor since puppy lattes are a thing for kids and free (a cup of whip cream...yes please).  I think her gift card is almost out though and since Starbucks costs a million dollars per drink, we won't be stopping by until we get another gift card.  At least it keeps things special.

I recently accidentally broke mom's glasses which also worked in my favor because she let me try on the non-wire nose pad glasses and take selfies while she was trying to future out what glasses to get.  And we all know how quickly mom makes decisions...but no worries, I'll only share a small fraction of the pics I got.

In case you're wondering, dad is still my best bud times a million.

Here's a pic of my last gymnastics day. It was a swell time and I teach mom all my tricks.  She says she can't do them all and won't try...then again she does have knees of a 70 year old so it's probably best she sits on her butt and watches.

For the sake of keeping y'all reading, I'll just post some pics of more fun stuff...keeping with a Pinterest-like strategy.

I asked mom to take a pic of me "exercising".

In the picture below I told mom I was a sheriff.  Notice my sheriff pin.

I've gotten really good at building my own forts at the library.  Quite fun until bully Kya knocks them down.

I get a charlie horse in my calf a lot so dad taught me a stretch to help this sorta thing...and that's why mom woke up to me doing this in the hallway.

Dad and mom came home from a date to me doing dishes recently...they pick the best babysitters.  I hope I don't regret learning this too soon...

I brought mom two cups and asked her to make some binoculars...

My first wedding experience was a blast...

Whenever my friend Kendra visits, I run out and buckle in her car, hoping she'll take me with her...

The coziest play spot ever...

Aunt Beth taught me how to play soccer...

My buddy Kaitie taught me how to play lemonade stand...

I'm getting good at selfies...

And this one, just because mom can't get over my cuteness...

Last but not least, here's a list of fun things I said that mom saved:

Me:  "Let's go to the basement mom."
Mom:  "Can I have a going to the basement hug?"
Me:  "Well you can in the basement since its a basement hug."

Me:  "Daddy is that you're new orange toothbrush??!! That's so cute! I love it!"

Mom:  "Zoe I don't want the necklace tied around your neck.  It's Not safe."
Me:  "But mom I'm a horse and it helps me gallop."

Me:  "Can I put water in my hair and brush it?"
Mom:  "Why?"
Me:  "Well cuz I want to be like my daddy. Remember? He does it to his hair!"

Me:  "Daddy you have a silly looking gorgeous mouth."

Me seeing a big group of birds flying together..."I bet they are a family!"

Me:  "Mom I don't want to go to the zoo because there is big snakes that eat people."
Mom:  "But the animals can't get out of their cages."
Me:  "But who has the key to their cages?"
Mom:  "The zookeeper, remember like that zookeeper book we have?"
Me:  "Mom, in that book, the gorilla steals the keys from the zookeeper and let's all the animals out though!"

Me:  "Mom I had a dream that I had purple teeth! It was so fun!"

One time, when mom was talking about something sad with dad, I said:  "Come here momma...I still love you, and I will always love you.  It's ok."  And I gave her a hug.

Ok, I apologize for the length, but I'm my mother's daughter.  Long-winded is an understatement for the way we roll.  Until next time, I do love you all...